Podtoon Studios

We make cartoon production accessible to everybody

Baby Toons

Animations, cartoon series or feature films for children at ages 1-5.

Children Toons

Animations, cartoon series or feature films with a message or educational values for ages 5+

Adult Comedy

Animations, cartoon series or feature comedy films for adults.

Podcast Cartoons

Cartoons made from podcast bits. Anywhere from short to whole podcast episodes.

The Team

Audun Kjartansson

Audun Kjartansson

Lead Animator

Ingvi Georgsson

Ingvi Georgsson


Arnar Olafsson

Arnar Olafsson

Lip Sync

Our work


Samples from our style selection

Podtoon Studios offers various styles and movements to ensure quality and faster delivery. When starting a project we set goals, decide styles and set up a roadmap. When the roadmap and styles are approved, we start production.

Hot Ones

Head movement


Custom clips

Baby style


Podcast Clip

Life-like style


South Park

South Park Style


Podcast Clip

Life-like style


Baby toon

Pop Style


More styles can be found on our Instagram @podtoon or Twitter @mrpodtoon.

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